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Qfx is one of the financial venture firms that offers innovative online forex trading platform.

Qfx was founded by the diverse group of financial experts with the synergy to succeed in forex brokerage business. The management team is striving to establish a financial platform where every individual may play a crucial role in this industry. With the improving technology and infrastructures, we believe that forex brokerage is the bridge to bring values, wealth, and opportunities for people from diverse background to succeed.

To revolutionize the forex market and to be the innovative leader, we are dedicated to delivering new investment approaches that are still minor in large brokerages. We have integrated cryptocurrency, Bitcoins, as the trading instruments for traders to enjoy speculative trading. Furthermore, with our strong relationship with the reputable banks and non-bank liquidity providers, we have secured True ECN pricing scheme for traders. True ECN pricing helps tighten the bid-ask spread, it offers competitive and attractive opportunities for investors to trade with Qfx.

We vision ourselves to be a sustainable forex brokerage firm to offer you the best investing experience. We strongly believe that to attain our goal, we need to ensure the best customer satisfaction. The core function of Qfx is established by providing succession to clients who trade with our service. We are not working against you; but rather, we generate profits from the number of trades that are made on our platforms. To achieve a Win-Win solution for you and us, we offer up-to-date market analysis, learning academy about trading, the best trading tools, and competitive spreads.

Qfx is regulated and authorized by the IFSC Belize to perform trading services. We assure that we are in full compliance with the IFSC Belize law and we will conduct our business in a professional manner.

  • 1m ToB (top of book) on average across all FX instruments
  • Up to 100 lots per click trading
  • Proprietary pricing engine using Best Bid-Offer (BBO pricing)
  • Free VPS for Elite and Professional Accounts *
  • Segregated Client accounts.


We, Qfx, are a group of next-generation alchemists that believes to prosper the world with wealth and to bring innovative alternatives for the financial community.

Positioning ourselves as the finance venture firm, we make commitments with fintech mindset. We are constantly seeking for opportunities that add new values for our company and the social community. With thoroughly understanding the needs of our clients, we stay focused on being flexible. We will customize and tailor our services to keep up to date with the market trends.

With the idea of Alchemy, the transmutation of four key elements create the values will make our client and the company to remain sustainable.


We sincerely understand the importance of diversification. To protect our customers from investment risks, we offer seven types of trading products with over 200+ individual securities to trade with. Furthermore, we have integrated Cryptocurrency exchange to our platform. Traders can enjoy trading future generation currencies, along with classical products.


Earning loyalty and outstanding customer satisfaction is our top priority. We have secured a customer service team that is available 24 hours during Monday to Friday, in case you need any assistance. To improve and enhance our client-facing services, we always welcome incoming opinions and suggestions from you.


We are a collection of professionals from the finance and investment sectors. We are knowledgeable in all the intricacies of forex trading and we are happy to assist all stakeholders to guarantee the best experiences.


We are a forward-thinking forex brokerage that aims to revolutionize the forex industry. We have the finest technology setup for our clients to trade safely and successfully. Our payment system is conducted with reputable third parties, ensuring high-level security when we handle your money. We are constantly striving to explore better solutions that we can add to our business that will benefit you, as well as our company.

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